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Progress Reports

Here I will post all the new editions or updates to Quackers! I will post any new things that could be made, or thought about. Any things that happen next in the world of Quackers!

9th August 2007
Game Started.
Key Added.
Beach Added.
Movement Added.

10th August 2007
Updated All Rooms, Including Graphic Of Duck.
Added Barriers.
Bugs Squashed.
Beta 0.1 Released!
Added Quack Sound.
Beta 0.1 Released Again!
Blog Made.

11th August 2007
Started on Big map*
Blog Updated.
* The whole game will be one place to explore; when you move around it will show more of the screen.

13th August 2007
Big map finished.
Bugs and Glitches fixed.
New room added.
Game Music

14th August 2007
Bugs Squashed
Beta 0.2 Released
Newspaper Started
Blog Updated

15th August 2007
Quackers Features added: Forums, Chat
Site Updated
Site Started

16th August 2007
Sk8dude joins as graphics designer
More outfits
Blog Updated
Site Updated

17th August 2007
Going Multiplayer
Penxz joins the team
Blog Updated
Site Updated

18th August 2007
Quackers Official Website Relesed
Blog Updated

19th August 2007
Custom Emails
Blog Updated


1. Mr Peckle - August 12, 2007

More coming soon 8) ❗

2. york0910 - August 13, 2007


3. zach - August 23, 2007

lol where can i go to play quackers?

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