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Bye Yer Mon! And We’re Going! December 20, 2007

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We’re off!
Unfortunatly, graphics and html designer Yer Mon has gone. This was my decision, and I will be starting differently now. First, I’ve improved loads at graphics and will be doing a new header soon, two, I’ll be starting making the new game soon. Three: It’s gonna rock! One thing we need is advertising though. I am also moving the site to a new host, and starting it over a bit. This will take a while, so do be pacient. Please join the forums too. This is our community, the chat will be used for meetings and won’t be very popular, I guess. By January 2008 I will have started somthing, and the game is being delayed by late 2008-2009.
Merry Christmas!
Mr Peckle

When will we be Alive? October 11, 2007

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Quackers, it’s pretty much dead. The newspaper hasn’t been updated for 2 monthes, no one’s on the chat, and the blog isn’t updated. Quackers is dead. Why? Well, not to sound rude, but we havn’t really been bothered. A recent post on the forums states that we were re-doing the game and making it a platform. I’ve been working on an engine but I can’t get the sprite to convert while changing sides. Quackers isn’t been worked on, but we’re soon going to be back to update all of Quackers.

Mr Peckle

Quackers Email Launched! August 19, 2007

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Now you can get your own quackers emails. They are yourname@quackers.it.tp the yourname can be the name you want. This email service can be used like any other email service. You can recive emails from other Quackers email members, or anyother email somone might have, Aswell as sending them too.

You can register your own email at this link and when it’s made, you can log in at this link if you need further helpp with the Quackers email system: Contact me on mrpeckle@quackers.it.tp

Thanks from the Quackers Team and
Mr Peckle.

Quackers Official Website Released! August 18, 2007

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Well, After some hard work from Yer Mon with css and html. He made a site from scratch. Now it’s done and you can acsess it by: www.quackers.it.tp enjoy browsing the site!


We’re Going Multiplayer!! August 17, 2007

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This is one of the biggest steps of the game. Our programmer, Penxz, has decided to allow us to use his server for this game. His server will be in use by Drop World, But we can use it for Quackers too! The server will not always be up, and I will release a multiplayer and non-multiplayer version of the game. This is so good. You will be able to meet other ducks! If we can get chat code in I will fall to the floor amazed. That means you will be able to talk to other ducks. This won’t be happening too soon though. Hopefully Penxz can get an account creation system in too: So you can name your duck and log into your account. I’m not sure if all of these will happen, but I am so exited that we are going multiplayer. The multiplayer version should be released by October if it goes on further you’ll just have to wait.

In other news: our graphic designer Sk8dude has come up with many outfits. I can’t tell you too much about them now but I can tell you that we’re getting a ninja duck in. Thanks Sk8dude. He’s got more on the way too.

Quackers Features August 15, 2007

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Okay, There are some things I’ve made for Quackers. Be sure to check em all out. Yer Mon is doing some HTML for the official Quackers site. This is just the blog. Here are some other things to do with Quackers:
Quackers Blog
Quackers Forums
Official Quackers Site
Quackers Live Chat
Anyway, If you need to talk to me about the game that I need to know: You can contact me on my msn which is jonathan.cooper10@hotmail.co.uk
Peace out.
Mr Peckle

Quackers Beta 0.2 Released! August 14, 2007

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Hello Quackers fans, Today marks the release of the next beta. It is downloadable at the usual place to download it. Now beta 0.1 is not avadable. 0.2 is much better and includes a lot more things to do. Although it is now 2MB bigger. It runs and starts the same as Beta 0.1 but now it is much better, the controls are fixed, many bugs and other things have been fixed. I hope you like the new layout. You can download it on this link or you can find the link in the blog roll. Thanks for showing an intrest and helping beta test our game. If you find any bugs or glitches report in a comment on the ‘Ideas & Suggestions’ page, or you can email me on jonathan.cooper10@hotmail.co.uk Thanks for your time,
Mr Peckle

Quackers Beta 0.2 Nearly Finished! August 13, 2007

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Me and Yer Mon have been working all day to make this game. It is nearly completed. As I am writing this post Yer Mon is doing the barriers within the game. There are some glitched that Yer Mon and I found, we cleared them up. You will see the massive update to the game when you download it again here are a few of the things it will include:
Game Music.
Outside is 1 scrolling room.
A new room!
Glitches and Bugs fixed.

The game music is very cool, It has a happy funny feel to it that suits the game. Now the outside of the game is one big room that if you go anywhere it will scroll to it: you will see what I mean if you download the new version. The new room is pretty cool, We are planning to make part of the screenary in this version a new room too. For good or for worse; many bugs, good, and bad, have been fixed. By downloading this game you will not have to get rid of your old copy either, and same as usual; see, download, play and love. I hope you like the game as much as we worked on it! It’s pretty cool. This game will get bigger then this; as I say it is beta 0.2, it’s kinda rubbish now. I can’t tell you how much the graphics have improved-Yer Mon has really done a good job, Yesterday he was working his fingers to the bone on them. On the next beta we also plan to make an options menu!

Quackers Beta 0.2 will be updated to the old game meaning that it won’t be uploaded twice-When beta 0.3 comes out you won’t be able to download beta 0.2, but if you had it-You can still play it.
Quackers Beta 0.2 is due to be released some time today or tomorrow 8)

-Mr Peckle