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Bye Yer Mon! And We’re Going! December 20, 2007

Posted by Donkey in Mr Peckle, Quackers News, Quackers Updates.

We’re off!
Unfortunatly, graphics and html designer Yer Mon has gone. This was my decision, and I will be starting differently now. First, I’ve improved loads at graphics and will be doing a new header soon, two, I’ll be starting making the new game soon. Three: It’s gonna rock! One thing we need is advertising though. I am also moving the site to a new host, and starting it over a bit. This will take a while, so do be pacient. Please join the forums too. This is our community, the chat will be used for meetings and won’t be very popular, I guess. By January 2008 I will have started somthing, and the game is being delayed by late 2008-2009.
Merry Christmas!
Mr Peckle



1. Donkey - December 20, 2007

Bye Yer Mon!

2. drunk hippo - January 14, 2008

i’ll advertize
and C ya Yer mon!

3. jaamesbond - June 7, 2008


4. quack-quack - February 25, 2009

nice game 🙂 did you try http://www.raceyourduck.com?
they have 1 game now ,while finishing virtual world and more games

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