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Quackers Beta 0.2 Released! August 14, 2007

Posted by Donkey in Quackers News, Quackers Updates.

Hello Quackers fans, Today marks the release of the next beta. It is downloadable at the usual place to download it. Now beta 0.1 is not avadable. 0.2 is much better and includes a lot more things to do. Although it is now 2MB bigger. It runs and starts the same as Beta 0.1 but now it is much better, the controls are fixed, many bugs and other things have been fixed. I hope you like the new layout. You can download it on this link or you can find the link in the blog roll. Thanks for showing an intrest and helping beta test our game. If you find any bugs or glitches report in a comment on the ‘Ideas & Suggestions’ page, or you can email me on jonathan.cooper10@hotmail.co.uk Thanks for your time,
Mr Peckle



1. Mr Peckle - August 14, 2007

Enjoy the second beta!!

2. NO NEED TO KNOW - August 14, 2007

is it possible to run it on a mac because if not then u guys arent good game makers because it shouldnt be windows exclusive

3. Mr Peckle - August 15, 2007

It won’t because it is an exicutable. Pretty much a .exe, Please don’t say we are rubish game makers. 😦

4. darksideuser - August 15, 2007

What do you do after you get in the camp?

5. Mr Peckle - August 15, 2007

Go out to the left bottom. Note: you can’t go in again.

6. PenXZ - August 15, 2007

very nice!
good job it’s much better than 0.1!

7. Mr Peckle - August 15, 2007

Thanks. Remember to join the forums 8)

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