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Quackers Beta 0.2 Nearly Finished! August 13, 2007

Posted by Donkey in Quackers News, Quackers Updates.

Me and Yer Mon have been working all day to make this game. It is nearly completed. As I am writing this post Yer Mon is doing the barriers within the game. There are some glitched that Yer Mon and I found, we cleared them up. You will see the massive update to the game when you download it again here are a few of the things it will include:
Game Music.
Outside is 1 scrolling room.
A new room!
Glitches and Bugs fixed.

The game music is very cool, It has a happy funny feel to it that suits the game. Now the outside of the game is one big room that if you go anywhere it will scroll to it: you will see what I mean if you download the new version. The new room is pretty cool, We are planning to make part of the screenary in this version a new room too. For good or for worse; many bugs, good, and bad, have been fixed. By downloading this game you will not have to get rid of your old copy either, and same as usual; see, download, play and love. I hope you like the game as much as we worked on it! It’s pretty cool. This game will get bigger then this; as I say it is beta 0.2, it’s kinda rubbish now. I can’t tell you how much the graphics have improved-Yer Mon has really done a good job, Yesterday he was working his fingers to the bone on them. On the next beta we also plan to make an options menu!

Quackers Beta 0.2 will be updated to the old game meaning that it won’t be uploaded twice-When beta 0.3 comes out you won’t be able to download beta 0.2, but if you had it-You can still play it.
Quackers Beta 0.2 is due to be released some time today or tomorrow 8)

-Mr Peckle


1. Mr Peckle - August 13, 2007

I hope you like the new Updates ❗

2. PenXZ - August 14, 2007

Can I join the team?
I can’t wait for it!!!
Maybe if you buy PRO you can make it multiplayer!

3. Mr Peckle - August 14, 2007

Yeah, You can join the team. I’ll talk to you on msn.
The release is coming sooner.
I have no intention of making this game Multiplayer as I couldn’t buy a server and our internet connection isn’t fast enough to use the computer as a server.
I may buy PRO some time…

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