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Quackers Landscape Upadated & More News August 12, 2007

Posted by Donkey in Quackers News, Quackers Sneak Peaks.

In the old version of quackers you move to room to room with paths. We’re currently working on the next version of Quackers that will allow you to move around without going to paths: You will only need to move into a cirtin place to get to a room when you want to go into an indoor room. This is a massive update that will let you see the whole of Quackers without moving room to room. If you don’t know what I’m talking about: You’ll see in the next edition.

In other news: The Quackers graphics are getting much better. Yer Mon has done a grand job on the graphics so far. Later on today I will be posting a sneak peak of the new room in the game. I can’t tell you anymore now but the room has a big light at the top; the graphics are really cool, and you can go inside it. As this game gets better many new things like this will come out.

Even more news: We are hoping to release a Halloween version of the game a week before Halloween. It will be decorated with pumkins and skeletons and other Halloween things, You might even be able to grab a free item at the shop!



1. Mr Peckle - August 12, 2007

I hope you’ll enjoy the new updates when it comes out ❗ 🙂

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